Industry work / Practical CPD

2021: Participant at workshop with company “Action Hero”, University of Reading, Zoom, 10 February.

2021: Participant at workshop “Creating a Roadmap for Endo Healing in 2021: Five Steps to Take You from Overwhelm to Clarity”, Jessica Buffin, Zoom, 23 January.

2020: Participant at workshop“Playing the Voice – Conscious Voicing with Stefano Sgarbi”, Zoom, 10 December.

2020: Participant at one day workshop (10-4pm) “Autobiographical Theatre Making”, with Bryony Kimmings, Zoom, 11 June.

2020: Participant at workshop “Introduction to Playwriting Course Week 3: Finding your Voice,” facilitated by Maria Ferguson, organized by Fifty2 Collective, Google Meet, 5 May.

2020: Participant at workshop “Introduction to Playwriting Course Week 2: Creating Hopeful Stories,” facilitated by Sonali Bhattacharyya, organized by Fifty2 Collective, Google Meet, 12 May.

2020: Participant at workshop “Introduction to Playwriting Course Week 1: Overcoming Writer’s Block,” facilitated by Danusia Samal, organized by Fifty2 Collective, Google Meet, 20 May.

2020: Participant at a Pre-show Workshop Poet in da Corner, facilitated by Rachel Lemon, Royal Court Theatre, 12 February.

2020: Co-founder of theatre company Wild Forest Theatre.22 January.

2020: Participant at the workshop “Perceiving Differently: Understanding Neurodivergence. Through Creative Practices”, run by Nicola Shaughnessy, within the British Society of Aesthetics Conference: Art, Aesthetics, and the Medical and Health Humanities, University of Kent, 8 February.

2019: Participant at the “Listen Local: Writing Workshops”, 6 May (facilitated by Hamish Pirie), 13 May (facilitated by Debbie Hannan), 20 May (facilitated by Emteaz Hussain), 27 May (facilitated by Sonali Bhattacharyya), 3 June (facilitated by Emma Dennis-Edwards), 10 June (facilitated by Al Smith),Waltham Forest, London, 6 May – 10 June.

2019: Participant in the Workshop “Loneliness and Minority Stress: Abu Ansari and Elaine Foster”, within Action/Reflection event “That’s not my name!”, Goldsmiths, University of London, 5 June 2019.

2019: Participant in the Feldenkrais Workshop “The Transformative Power of the Pelvis” with Victoria Worsley, Sadler’s Wells, 19 May.

2018: “Introduction to Embodied Poetics with Amy Russell”. The Factory, Islignton, London, 18 March.

2017: This Beautiful Future at The Yard Theatre. Post-show talk hosted by Maddy Costa (Dialogue Theatre Club), 22 November.

2017: Participant in “Women for Refugee Women: Practical Drama Workshop” facilitated by Women for Refugee Women, within the conference “Welcome is a Radical Act”, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 9 November.

2017: Performer in The Turas Mor: A Free Community Play by Ollie Birch, produced by Soho Theatre, Walthamstow’s Lloyd Park, London, 28 August.

2017: Participant in “Performance Skills Sessions” conducted, among others, by Soho Theatre associate director Charlotte Bennett, 5 June-21 August.

2017: Production team assistant, Summer College 2017, Theatre Royal Stratford East, for “Scratch Night Performance” (8 August) and “Frantic Assembly Intensive” (culminating in the performance of By Design: A Response to the V&A at Theatre Royal Stratford East (18 August) and the V&A (19 August)).

2017: Interview to Phosphorous Theatre’s co-directors Rosanna Jahangard, Dawn Harrison and Kate Scarlet Duffy, Afghan Association Paiwand, Harrow, London, 6 May.

2016: Attendance at a practical “Information Session and Workshop” facilitated by Geese Theatre Company, Woodbridge House, Birmingham, 4 February.

2015:  Participant in a Workshop with Quarantine at “Theatre and Spectatorship”, 24th Annual Conference of the German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English (CDE), University of Barcelona, 4-7 June.

2013: “First Session Interview to David Greig”, London, 13 March.

2013: “Second Session interview to David Greig”, London, 22 March.

2012: Participant in a workshop with Rona Munro at “Bodies on Stage”, 21st Annual Conference of the German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English (CDE), Wolfsburg, Mülheim/Ruhr, 7-10 June.

2012: Participant in a workshop with Diana Taylor, activity for New Scholars at “Mediating Performance: Scène, Média et Médiation”, International Federation for Theatre Research Conference (IFTR/ FIRT), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago de Chile, 22-28 July.

2012: “Backstage Tour at the National Theatre”, 8 March.

2012: “Workshop at the Globe Theatre”, 6 March.

2009-2010: Murcia reviewer for while collaborating with the project “Shakespeare in Spain in the Frame of His European Reception”, a three-year research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (FFI-2008-01969), University of Murcia. Principal Investigator: Graham Keith Gregor.